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Drew Pickens is a Learning and Development professional with over 35 years of experience in international business and 20 years in corporate training. He started his career in the broadcast television sector and from there, he spent many years in the international transportation industry. After a successful career in airline and ground operations, customer service, management, and sales, he embraced the learning and development profession and has never looked back. Drew has led corporate training teams, designed international learning programs, and he has a passion for marrying learning theory and content with real-world situations and every day challenges. He is a Stevie Award winner for Sales Training Manager of the Year, and he has been recognized for developing innovative and creative methods for adult learning. Drew has a degree in Economics from Wright State University. A resident of Phoenix, Arizona, he loves history, aviation, traveling and spending time with his wife, three daughters and grandchildren.

Dave has been in the professional selling world for 16 years.  With a background in pastoral leadership, Dave switched careers early on and found himself learning to sell from scratch.  He has served in various roles such as sales executive, sales manager, sales trainer, training manager, and sales-enablement leader for multiple organizations in different industries from tech start-ups to logistics giants.  Dave's personal passions are writing, fitness, and spending time with his two beautiful children.

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