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About The Book

Why is it that when you do everything right as a salesperson, the customer still says "no"? Why do they sometimes say "yes"? What's going on inside a buyer's head when they decide to buy something? The Buying Zone is a journey through the mind of a buyer, when and why they choose to make a purchase and from whom?

The Buying Zone

The Buying Zone introduces you to a new selling methodology based around the buyer's behavior. It gives you a checklist of things to consider during the sales process before you attempt to close the deal with the intent of increasing the likelihood of success. This book employs real-world examples and application that put you in the mind of today's buyer.
This isn't just another sales book. The Buying Zone is about the buying process.

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  • Sales Enablement 

  • Corporate Training

  • Gamification

  • Learning & Development

  • Strategic Sales Processes

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